My name is Amanda Beshay - born and raised in Southern California. I am a recent graduate from Biola University, where I studied Business with an emphasis in Marketing. My expertise is in Marketing Research and Social Media Marketing, however, I hope dip into more creative/branding work in Marketing. I genuinely love to learn and grow and I am excited for the privilege in being able to receive my MBA degree in December of 2019.  

A few things I love include: coffee, slow mornings, spontaneous adventures, aesthetic branding, and learning about people. My dream is to open up my very own cafe in a tight-knit community where the love for coffee is strong, just like the espresso I will be serving. Ever since I was young, I dreamed about having a career where I can impact people's lives with authenticity. With the joy aesthetics bring me, I've fallen in love with brand storytelling and design. I grew a passion for Marketing when I realized it wasn't about just selling products, but it was about serving customers through finding their needs and filling it with the right product. I love the idea of business as service and cultivating a community to build relationships. I hope to get involved in the branding / visual marketing industry and gain experience in this field in hopes to apply it to my future business.