Here are a few examples of my work as a marketing student at Biola university





Marketing Research Report


|| Whittier, CA ||

I completed this marketing research report during my senior year at Biola University for a small business of my choice. The project began with attaining a client. After speaking with numerous small business owners, Cynthia at Toast was interested in having this report done for her breakfast cafe. I spent time researching the cafe industry, millennial aesthetic trends, growing fast casual dining, and trends in the greater Los Angeles area. I moved into customer interviews and asked customers about their experience at Toast.  A research driven survey was created, administered, and 100 completed surveys were collected. Then, analysis was done on the 100 surveys using Survey Pro. After analyzing the data, a full report was compiled and presented to Cynthia at Toast. This semester long project was created to give Toast accurate feedback from their customers to further increase overall customer satisfaction.   





Non-Profit Marketing Plan

Caterina's club

|| Anaheim, CA ||

During the last semester of my undergraduate journey I took a nonprofit marketing class. The goal was to find a nonprofit with a cause that I cared about, spend time there, interview people throughout the organization, interview people who used the services they provided, and design a one year marketing plan for the organization. Through looking at internal and external factors I was able to design a relevant and useful report for a nonprofit in Orange County called Caterina's Club. Through this project I learned the value of consistent communication, gaining diverse perspectives, and perseverance. 




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Target Market Project

THe study of the fast casual industry

|| Corner bakery and panera breaD ||

I conducted an extensive market research on the fast casual industry, specifically analyzing Panera Bread and their competitor Corner Bakery. Through this process, I explored the marketing environment in this industry as well as current trends, consumer behavior factors, and a primary target market analysis. This project was done to create a market strategy for a suppositional company to enter the industry.